Troopcarrier Gull Wing 

Here’s a look into why a Thorburns Gull wing window is a market leading product. We’ve put together a quick overview explaining how to correctly install it, to have easy hassle free access to the inside of your Troopy.

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Rear Bar Install 

Check out our Instruction Manual to fit the Thorburns rear bar to Toyota LandCruiser 78 Series, 76 Series and 75 Series Models. 

Password provided on purchase. 

Download a copy of our step-by-step manual

Off-the-floor Canopy Walkthrough

A Walkthrough of an epic LC79 Dual Cab taking you through the features of our Zeus hybrid aluminium tray and canopy combo.

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Zeus Tray & Canopy post Nullarbor walkthrough

After 40 hours of dusty, sandy, and wet driving conditions, see how the Zeus Tray & Canopy holds up and how each feature helps you stay organised and prepared when going off-road.

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LC79 Canopy Build Comparison – 1200 vs 1500

Not sure how much space you need in your tray canopy build? Let us take you through a comparison of our 1200mm and 1500mm canopies to help you decide how to set up your LC79 for any adventure you have planned – on the road, at work or at home!

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RAM 1500 Thorburns Zeus Tray & Canopy walkthrough

Recent build completed for a RAM 1500. With the client choosing a 1500mm flat-back Canopy fitted on a 2100mm Tray bed, meant we had a world of options for this modular fit-out. Check out all the features that come standard with our Zeus Tray & Canopy Package in this walkthrough. Available to suit all American Truck Models.

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